Deep Fried Salmon & Tofu Sauté

This classic, mouthwatering sautéed dish is packed with protein and healthy fats. The perfect go-to comforting dish that is sure to take your meal to the next level. Using YAMASA Teriyaki Sauce not only creates a nice caramelization but also intensifies the flavor.

Servings: 1

Preparation: 15min

Cooking: 15min


1/4 lb. (120g) Salmon
3 oz. (85g) Soft Tofu
1 oz. (30g) Shiitake mushrooms
1 oz. (30g) Red Bell Pepper
1/2 oz. (15g) Yellow Bell Pepper
2 pieces (8g) Sliced Garlic
4 Tbsp. (60ml) YAMASA Teriyaki Sauce
1 Tbsp. (20g) Butter
1 cup of Flour


  1. Sprinkle salt over the salmon and dust flour over it. Drain tofu with a paper towel, and dust flour over it. Cut bell peppers (red and yellow) into 2cm size. Deep fry shiitake mushrooms and bell peppers (without butter).
  2. Deep fry salmon and tofu separately.
  3. Preheat butter in a frying pan and fry all ingredients (except garlic) together with YAMASA Teriyaki Sauce.
  4. Serve on a plate with garlic slices and garnish as desired.


We produce the very best soy sauce in our state-of-the-art plant, but brewing processes remain the same as in 1645.
YAMASA soy sauce has been preferred among the majority of high-end Japanese restaurants, sushi, and kabayaki-eel restaurants.