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Collaboration & Innovation

Yamasa products are designed and created at our own state of the art R&D facility. Our team of chef and food scientists have expertise in, and passion for, developing exceptional Asian sauces, which can also be custom developed to meet your specific requirements.

Chef with Yamasa shoyu product image overlaid in circular shape

Quality Guaranteed

Here, as in Japan, our artisans attend to every detail, using only the best ingredients, the exact processes, and the unique YAMASA-koji culture we’ve perfected over centuries. Our dedicated team are committed to elevating understanding and expectations in the U.S. when it comes to soy sauce, Asian sauces and broths.


Creative Solutions

Our range of sauces provide creative, turnkey solutions to inspire, broaden or freshen your offerings. Our products enhance rather than overwhelm when blended, enabling you to create the best version of the product you want.

Two circular images with shoyu being poured in one and a noodle dish in the other. Both are overlaid with Yamasa brand decorative elements.
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