Authentic Japanese Craft

Image of two bottled products; Yamasa Shoyu and Reduced Sodium Shoyu set against an illustrative background.Graphic Badge saying made in the US.


A favorite of many of Japan’s greatest chefs, our elegant shoyu brings perfect balance to any dish and enhances flavors with exactly the right umami. Choose from our Regular or Reduced Sodium Shoyu.

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Product image of the Yamasa Ramen Broth Series including Ramen Broth Tonkotsu, Ramen Broth Shoyu and Ramen Broth Miso set against an illustrative background.Graphic badge that says gluten free.

Ramen Broth Series

Inspired by Japan's most popular ramen shops, our artisanal ramen broth series are unparalleled when it comes to flavor. Choose from our traditional Shoyu, Miso or Tonkotsu concentrates to elevate your meal time.

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Image of a bottle of Yamasa Teriyaki sauce against a illustrative background.Graphic badge that highlights that Yamasa Teriyaki sauce is Non GMO and Kosher.


Artisanal Teriyaki Marinade & Sauce. Crafted in the Japanese tradition. Made with the finest ingredients, this sweet and tangy sauce adds a sublimely delicious flavor to complement any vegetable or protein dish.

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what does four centuries of authentic japanese craftsmanship taste like?

Long celebrated as the gold standard in Japan, our unparalleled shoyus and commitment to making the highest quality artisanal products are raising the bar – and people’s expectations – about how Asian sauces should taste.

Yamasa Recipes

Our range of delicious, versatile and easy-to-use artisanal sauces make it effortless to take almost anything – whether a quick meal or a culinary creation – to the next level.

Tofu Miso Soup with Yamasa White Miso Soup Concentrate in a red bowl topped with scallions
Simple Tofu Miso Soup

Traditional Japanese tofu miso soup you can prepare in minutes.

Chicken, Steak bell peppers and onions on a skillet
Chicken and Steak Fajitas

Try this fajita marinade to spice up taco night. This delicious, umami rich marinade will take your fajitas to the next level.

Moist chocolate cake with frosting on a black plate
Chocolate Cake

Enjoy this all-purpose chocolate cake for your next gathering. The addition of soy sauce to the cake and frosting add a kick of salt and umami pulling all of the flavors together.

Traditional brown sugar and orange skillet cake with brown sugar in a bowl and orange slices on a hand-crafted plate
Brown Sugar and Orange Skillet Cake

This caramel, citrus and easy to make cake is as delicious as it is beautiful. You will enjoy the built-in decorations and deep rich flavors.


Bringing Yamasa to Your Table

Image of a waterfall located in  Multnomah Creek, Oregon, USA.

Quality & Wisdom

Our Shoyu is crafted using the exact processes and unique Yamasa-koji culture that 13 generations of family in Japan have been honing and perfecting for almost 400 years. We stay true to the way things have always been done, never using artificial ingredients or processing agents.

Brewery & Production

We brew in the shadow of the Cascades in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley by artisans trained by their Japanese counterparts.

Close up image of a traditional Shoyu brewery.
Image of a finished meal called Zuke-don beside a bottle of Yamasa Shoyu Sauce.

Flavor & Experience

Elegant and nuanced, our products bring the perfect balance to any dish by enhancing flavors with exactly the right umami, resulting in truly extraordinary culinary experiences.

Product Innovation

Much more than just Shoyu, our range of artisanal products have inherited the same craftsmanship and ingenuity that enhance every meal.

Image of Ramen in a bowl beside a bottle of Yamasa Ramen Broth Shoyu.

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