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A lightly pink coloured Japanese symbol.

A Chef’s Favorite

Japan’s greatest chefs have trained with Yamasa Shoyu for generations. Used by 2/3 of Japanese-food restaurants in Tokyo, Yamasa Shoyu has become a staple in the kitchens of many Michelin starred restaurants and some of the greatest chefs here in the U.S.


Two circular images with a Chef preparing food in one and a beef dish in the other. Both are overlaid with Yamasa brand decorative elements.

Products Used by Chefs

Our passion for unparalleled quality with our shoyu has led us to develop a lineup of products that are versatile and uncomplicated, providing a remarkably cost-effective way to make a big difference.

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A Range of Sauces for Endless Recipes


Canned apple pie filling with apples and greenery around it

Canned Apple Pie Filling

Not sure what to do with your extra apples, or just looking for the perfect dessert? This canned apple pie is delicious and makes dessert a breeze.

slice of apple pie on a white plate, in the background there is an apple pie and apples.

Savory Apple Pie

This is a quick, easy and delicious apple pie for any occasion.

roasted brussels sprouts in a cast iron pan with onions and bacon

Brussels Sprouts

These beautifully crispy and delicious roasted brussels sprouts are the perfect addition to your holiday meal, or a great way to liven up a weeknight dinner.

Turkey fried rice in a white bowl on a wood table

Turkey Fried Rice

This Turkey Fried Rice recipe is a delightful way to recreate your Thanksgiving leftovers.

Two circular images, one is a close up of Shoyu, another is a close up of mature dry soybeans.

Custom Sauces

Partner with our team of artisans to create your own culinary innovations with custom sauces.

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