About Yamasa
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Our Vision

At YAMASA, it is our passion to craft authentic foods and ingredients of the highest quality. We approach this craft with a reverence for tradition and the utmost integrity. Every detail matters – the ingredients, the process, the people, the place and the products – in our quest to bring uncompromising Japanese craftsmanship to everything we make.

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For four centuries, 13 generations of family have been honing, refining and perfecting an artisanal shoyu of unparalleled flavor, aroma and color. A shoyu so elegant and nuanced that it brings perfect balance to any dish, enhancing flavors with exactly the right umami for extraordinary culinary experiences. Many of Japan’s greatest chefs have trained with YAMASA for generations, making it the gold standard for restaurants. It is that same crafted shoyu honored for centuries in Japan that we make today.

Crafted In America

When we brought our shoyu to professional and home chefs here in the U.S., it was imperative we find a location to build our brewery that matched our Japanese climate and pristine water – in the shadow of the Cascades in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley. Here, as in Japan, our artisans attend to every detail, using only the best ingredients, the exact processes, and the unique YAMASA koji culture we’ve perfected over centuries, to guarantee that same extraordinary quality and craftsmanship.


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Bringing Yamasa to Your Table


Yamasa was founded in Choshi, Chiba, Japan


The first Japanese soy sauce laboratory was created by YAMASA


Yamasa became a corporation


Yamasa became a corporation in the United States


The US brewery was complete and Yamasa started brewing soy sauce in the US


Yamasa launched Teriyaki Marinade and Sauce


Yamasa expanded the brewery to meet demand


Yamasa purchased San-J International, Inc.


Yamasa expanded the brewery again


Acquired Rikki USA Inc., a custom sauce manufacturing facility


Yamasa launched the Ramen Broth Series

Preferred by Chefs

Naoki Nakashima, Shaw's Crab House, Chicago, IL

“17 or 18 years ago when I started working at Shaw’s Crab House, the team of Chefs performed a taste test to decide which soy sauce to use in the restaurant. There were three brands and Yamasa was the winner. It has a strong umami taste and I don't feel saltiness directly on my tongue which I did with the competitors. The recipe ideas using Yamasa are endless!”

Naoki Nakashima Shaw's Crab House Chef