YAMASA Soy Sauce Tips Vol.6. Can Soy Sauce be replaced?

01.10.2018 | Category, YAMASA Soy Sauce Tips

Can Soy Sauce be replaced?

We doubt it. Soy Sauce has been used in Japanese cuisines for so long, it wouldn’t make sense to use an alternative. Especially with 5 different types of soy sauce, there are enough alternatives within the soy sauce’s capabilities.

The true beauty of soy sauce, especially YAMASA soy sauce is that it does not replace or overpower but rather harmonizes with the dish which a lot of chefs enjoy. Its unique and complex capabilities are what chefs like in soy sauce. Soy sauce also contains a lot of amino acid compared to other sauces and that is where the umami flavor comes from.

But in the end, it’s the sheer value and the incredible way to boost the taste that makes results so much better than the expectations!

After opened, do they need to be refrigerated?

Yes once they are opened, they should be kept refrigerated in order to keep the soy sauce as fresh as possible. When refrigerated, it lessens the oxidation into the soy sauce which helps it not lose the aroma. Without refrigeration, the color turns darker and the taste is not as fresh.

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