August 31, 2023

A staple for millennia

Eggs, an essential nourishing ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes, have been on the menu for centuries.


Depicted on the tomb walls of pharaohs and in Greek mythology, eggs are woven into human history in the same way they bind successful baked goods together. And farmers in Southeast Asia were domesticating chickens and harvesting their eggs for food as early as 1500 BCE.


If you’ve got a carton of eggs on hand, you’re on your way to a nourishing, satisfying meal no matter how humble or basic the other ingredients.


So satisfying

Rice pairs wonderfully with eggs. If you have freshly prepared or leftover rice, just add a fried or scrambled egg and a splash of shoyu, and you can stave off the hangries with a satisfying anytime meal. Top off your bowl with scallions and a dash of hot sauce to elevate the experience.


Not surprising, but noodles are another favorite quick meal of ours. There’s a reason we’ve developed four different ramen broth recipes! The most fun part of making ramen at home is being able to customize your bowl—adding veggies, meats or tofu in whatever ratios you want. For a real ramen-shop touch, a soft-boiled egg with a custardy jammy egg yolk is the ultimate topper. Our CEO shares the secret to a perfectly cooked, Instagram-worthy ramen egg:


Ramen Eggs

1.      Bring a pot of water to a boil

2.     Take chilled eggs out of the refrigerator and place them in the boiling water for 7minutes

3.      Take out the eggs and plunge them into ice water

4.      Remove the shells (Pro tip: Poking a small hole in the eggs prior makes the shells easier to remove!)

5.      Slice the perfectly cooked eggs in half lengthwise and place on top of your bowl of ramen


Only the best

The simpler the meal, the more important it is each ingredient is as good as possible. Our Yamasa artisanal shoyu, crafted according to Japanese tradition using a unique koji culture we’ve perfected over centuries, is brewed slowly in small, artisanal batches to coax out rich umami notes sought after by professional and home chefs. Just a splash brings a nuanced and delicious flavor, color and aroma to any dish.


Now that you’ve got the secret to the perfect ramen egg and a delicious artisanal shoyu, you can bring the two staples together to make Sriracha Deviled Eggs. This to-die-for dish will dazzle as an appetizer, side dish, delicious bento box lunch protein or the start of a brunch spread. Another pro tip: If you’re making these for a big event, plan on a large batch - no egg lover can eat just one!


Eggs are foundational to so many dishes and so many cuisines. If ever your meal feels like it’s lacking a little something, just add an egg—and a splash of shoyu.


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