Easy, Fun Recipes for the Busiest Month

August 31, 2023

Easy, Fun Recipes for the Busiest Month


When it comes to which month is the busiest, May or December, the debate rages on. But everyone can agree that the month of May isa full one. Whether you’re celebrating moms, prepping for proms or rushing from baseball diamonds to dance recitals, its everything, everywhere, all at once, with lots to do in a short time and many moments worth remembering.


Congratulations in advance on getting it all done. Now let’s make sure you enjoy it all! With just a little planning and the right inspiration you’ll be all set. With minimal meal prep for those nights when you need to be three places at once, you can make the most of every occasion from Cinco de Mayo to Memorial Day. As for inspiration, let this be the month you try some of those exciting, viral food trends you’ve been reading about and seeing on social media. You’ll be glad you did! So, pull up your calendar and off we go…


Mason Jar Meals

Want to know some secrets to easy, healthy and enjoyable pre-prepped lunches and dinners? We’ve got two: mason jars and sauces. You can customize a mason jar for each member of your family with easy additions or changes. A great option that’s delicious, light and satisfying is Mason Jar Noodle Salad. To customize you can add herbs like cilantro or switch out chicken for marinated tofu. The only non-negotiable is adding Yamasa Shoyu to the dressing. The deliciously balanced umami flavor brings out the flavors of all the other ingredients. Or you can try Mason Jar Noodle Soup for some comfort food on May’s cooler days. This easy-to-make soup starts with delicious Yamasa Ramen Broth.


Sushi Bake

What is sushi bake? Well, some might describe it as sushi without all that rolling, or poke without the bowl or even as a decidedly modern take on the traditional casserole. Sushi Bake is pre-marinated fish like crabmeat, salmon, shrimp or tuna that’s combined with shoyu, Kewpie mayo, sriracha and spices and served on a bed of rice. Have your Yamasa Shoyu on hand for extra umami goodness. You can eat it as is or, for a little finger food action, enjoy it with sheets of seaweed. It makes a dinner that’s easy enough for a weeknight meal and special enough for game night or a party.


Corn Ribs

This trendy take on corn is perfect for your Memorial Day cookout. Use your knife and seasoning skills for something really memorable! Simply cut each cob into quarters, then season with this mouthwatering combination of Yamasa Ramen Broth, gochujang and sriracha. Once seasoned, you can quickly cook them in your air-fryer, in the oven or on the grill.


Egg Roll in a Bowl

The beloved egg roll – everyone’s favorite takeout appetizer– is always delicious, but it can be awfully heavy, with too much of the fried roll and not enough of the savory filling. The Egg Roll in a Bowl reverses that balance with tons of veggies, ground beef, turkey, or crumbled tofu quickly sauteed in a sauce rich with Yamasa shoyu. This meal packs as many vegetables as a salad into a satisfying warm dinner that will really hit the spot after coming home from the chilly sidelines of any spring sport. Fresh is always fantastic, but a handy bag of coleslaw mix is a clever time saver on rushed nights.


Trying new recipes is one of the great joys of cooking. We love these ideas because they’re easy for anyone to make; they don’t take a lot of cooking time; and they’re fun to eat. If you have an internet-famous recipes that you love, please share it with us at, https://www.instagram.com/yamasausa/

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