Cooking Essentials: Marinades

August 11, 2022

Want to elevate your cooking without spending hours in the kitchen? Stock your pantry with easy-meal-solution-marinades. When you marinate your meat, veggies or fish with Yamasa’s delicious range of sauces and broths before cooking, every bite is infused with flavor. Anywhere from a few hours to a few days will work. Then watch your meals go from something everyday to something really special.


Satisfying Miso

Did you know that miso – the same bottle of Yamasa White Miso Soup Concentrate that you reach for to make a simple and nourishing bowl of delicious soup – is a simple, satisfying way to marinate your favorite foods? A perfect example is Miso Black Cod, the signature showstopper dish of the world-famous Nobu Japanese restaurant, and one you can easily do at home. They simply marinate their fish for three days, then give it a quick sear and finish it off in the oven. Yamasa White Miso Soup Concentrate will give your fish a toasty, rich umami kick that brings out the delicious flavor of the fish (, if fish isn’t on your menu, the same approach works just as beautifully for tofu and vegetables.


Versatile Shoyu

Shoyu – Japanese soy sauce – is a perfect base for  endless variations of tasty marinades. When combined with a fat like oil or coconut milk, an acid like red wine vinegar, apple cider or citrus, and flavor bomb ingredients like garlic and ginger, shoyu delivers some of the easiest AND most memorable meals. Yamasa Shoyu’s nuanced umami flavor brings out the best in foods without overpowering them, for the finest fajitas, the most savory steak skewers and truly standout salmon.


Totally Teriyaki

Teriyaki sauce is the easiest, tastiest way to make party-ready foods that everybody loves. You can bring that mouthwatering sweet and sour tang to almost anything by simply marinating for 20 minutes (or more) before throwing it on the grill. A crowd-pleasing teriyaki dish that brings the flavors of summer together deliciously is Chicken Yakitori, made by combining Yamasa Teriyaki-marinated chicken on skewers with fresh pineapple and grape tomatoes. Another great recipe to liven up your celebration (or simply elevate your staycation!) is grilled Yamasa Teriyaki Chicken Wings and Seared Plantains. Pair with a mojito, citrusy IPA or a chilled glass of sangria and enjoy.


Excellent Essentials

All you need is a Yamasa sauce or broth and 30 minutes before cook time, and you can marinate your way to a meal to remember! Head over to our recipe section for delicious meal options.



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