August 31, 2023



“June suns, you cannot store them.”

-       A.E. Housman


For food lovers and home cooks the glorious June sunshine infuses seasonal produce with an extra dose of freshness, inspiring meals that just taste fresher and more delicious. Whether you’re entertaining at home, heading to the beach, or packing a picnic for a concert in the park, we’ve got some deliciously fresh ideas to help you savor every moment.


Farmers Market

Nothing is quite like the simple pleasure of a sunny morning at the farmers’ market followed by a meal created from all the freshest finds.


Some of the best summer produce basics for making an almost infinite number of refreshing salads are the easiest to find –strawberries, blueberries, asparagus, carrots, cucumbers, lettuces of every shape and style, cabbage, and radishes. One of our favorite things to find in June are fresh herb seedlings. For a guaranteed crowd pleaser, try this spicy cucumber salad.


Another great idea for all those veggies and herbs is a super fresh, mouthwateringly delicious Japanese-style Snapper and Grapefruit Ceviche. For those unfamiliar, ceviche is raw fish marinated in citrus juices (often lemon or lime) and combined with avocado, onion and herbs. The magic of this light, zesty appetizer is that the citrus juices cure the fish. Our version uses snapper, a mild-flavored and meaty fish, and Yamasa Shoyu to add a yummy umami flavor, for a light, healthy meal or appetizer.  


Beyond salads, the beautiful strawberries and tart rhubarb you’ll find in most farmers’ markets in June can be truly magical. Our trick that you’re sure to love is to add a splash of shoyu to each of these fruits! The earthy saltiness of Yamasa shoyu complements both sweet and tart, making the flavors of these summer treats really pop.


Beach Day

Set your out of office and head to the beach for some head-clearing waves and a big dose of vitamin D. Sunshine and a good swim always works up an appetite. If your favorite beach has grills available (or allows portable ones), burgers are always a great call. Prep the patties for these Grilled Sesame Ginger Turkey Burgers before you leave the house, pop ‘em in your cooler until it’s time to cook them up. They’re great topped with some of your farmers’ market summer lettuces and tomatoes. If meat’s not everyone’s thing, dazzle your plant-based friends with an Asian Inspired Beyond Burger.



When you’re out for the day and looking to enjoy a picnic in a sunny spot, it’s always nice to dig into something flavorful and comforting. Start with scrumptious Sriracha Deviled Eggs, the ultimate picnic basket staple. For the main course, try this delicious Grilled Jalapeño Cream Chicken recipe which uses Yamasa Tonkotsu Ramen Broth for a wonderful burst of flavor. It’s delicious hot or cold, amazing in chicken sandwiches, and goes great with mouthwatering potato salad, quinoa or green salads. And it’s not a picnic without dessert! Finish your meal with a slice of decadent Chocolate Cake where both the batter and the frosting are prepared with a dash of salt and the wonderful umami of Yamasa Shoyu for something truly spectacular.


So enjoy the long sunny days and wonderful foods of June. And remember to always #TasteJoy!



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