Japanese American Cuisine - Why It’s Different

February 8, 2022

Over the years many aspiring and talented Chefs from around the world have come to the US to make their mark. America is now home to some of the most talented Japanese chefs in the world, including three star Michelin Chef Masayoshi Takayama.

Food is a way of life in Japan. The United Nations even added traditional Japanese food (Washoku) to the UNESCO ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’ List back in 2013, intentionally preserving Japanese food cooking styles and recognizing them as a cultural and culinary triumph.

The work ethic instilled in Japanese Chefs who have since made the move to the US often dates back to their childhoods, when they would observe and work alongside their parents, using fresh, seasonal ingredients - the basis for all good Japanese dishes.

American cuisine, in contrast, has been influenced by cooking styles from all over the world. The result? A melting pot of choice, variety and most importantly – flavor. A cornerstone of good food in the US is often its boldness – seen in strong seasoning, sauces, and dips. This contrasting style is something that catches many Japanese Chefs off guard when they first arrive – causing many to give up on their dream.

Japanese American cooking is where these two mighty palates come together, bringing the best of both worlds - time honored traditional cooking methods with seasonal and fresh ingredients combined with bold, juicy flavors and packed with umami. It’s a style that is constantly evolving, with lots of exciting things still to discover. Food is a journey and adapting, experimenting and combining different elements from both Japanese and American cuisine means each meal can be elevated to new levels. At Yamasa, our products allow our customers across the US to do just that. Our shoyus have been developed over centuries in the authentic Japanese style, and our range of Asian sauces and ramen broths apply the same craftsmanship. Each one delivers a sublime flavor experience, making it easy to truly elevate any meal.

Try some of our most celebrated recipes at home and see for yourself:

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