Taste Joy

August 31, 2023

You know your way around the kitchen. Your technique is solid. Your go-to recipe collection is deep, and you are perfectly comfortable throwing together a meal from a mix of pantry staples and whatever fresh goodies you might have in the fridge.


If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place. At Yamasa, we’re devoting our 2023 to inspiring and elevating your cooking. We want to make it effortless for you to take almost everything you eat – whether a quick meal or a culinary creation – to the next level. You’re invited to Taste Joy with us.


Our philosophy is that memorable meals should be easy, not complicated. With everything that people pack into their days, even the most dedicated cooks need a few shortcuts. After all, much of the joy of cooking comes from cooking for others, and the real thrill is watching their faces as they take their first taste of that sublimely delicious dish you prepared. There’s no reason for you – the cook – to be anywhere but the center of the table collecting compliments, not stuck in the kitchen simmering endlessly.


With Yamasa’s authentic crafted shoyus, tamaris, sauces, and broths, you can easily make a big difference in the dishes you make, both new and old favorites. We’ll continue sharing tips and recipes from our own kitchens, from the world-class chefs who count Yamasa shoyu among their kitchen non-negotiables, and from other great home cooks who contribute their tastiest creations.


At Yamasa, we believe that cooking and eating offer much more than simple nourishment, they provide an opportunity to connect and celebrate – to truly taste joy. When food is your love language, you want to speak it fluently.  We’ll help translate.


As you Taste Joy in 2023, we invite you to share your favorite recipes and how you have incorporated Yamasa artisanal shoyu, sauces and broths into your own cooking.


February is a fantastic month for sharing fabulous food. If you are planning to host for the big game, step up your finger foods with easy, mouth watering Slow Cooker Teriyaki Meatballs. And Valentine’s Day would not be complete without something sweet. Everyone loves this extraordinary umami Chocolate Cake.


If you prepare either of these delicious ideas, or create something else with a splash of shoyu, please tag us on Instagram @yamasausa and use hashtag #TasteJoy.

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