Tastes of Fall

November 14, 2022


Cooler air, misty mornings and the changing colors of the trees all signal the welcome arrival of Fall. The season many enthusiastically cite as their favorite.


Savory & Satisfying

The first hint of a chill in the evenings means it’s time to start thinking about warm, cozy, savory meals. Traditional items like chili, butternut squash soup or a tender pot roast may naturally come to mind. But before you start chopping or sautéing, consider some delicious Asian-inspired ways to easily make your Autumn-time meals something extra satisfying. The nuanced umami of a good shoyu like Yamasa is the secret ingredient in many chef’s recipes, enhancing the flavors of your ingredients and adding a wonderfully subtle richness. And our ramen broths, inspired by flavors from Japan’s most popular ramen shops, can be combined with other soups and noodle dishes to take them from ordinary to extraordinary.  


Kick-off Countdowns

Tailgates and watch parties are highlights of the season for football fans and food lovers alike. Whether you’re tailgating outside the game or watching from the comfort of the living room, finger foods with big flavors are in order. They make it easy for partygoers to space out their snacks and try different dishes throughout the big day. Yamasa Teriyaki Chicken Wings are a fan favorite. For a plant-based option, you can’t go wrong with the Asian-inspired Beyond Burger. And don’t forget dessert! This chocolate cake is a winner.


Harvest Hauls

Here in the U.S., visiting an orchard to pick apples and sample apple treats is a wholesome, fun family tradition. In Japan, all-you-can-eat fruit orchards are popular. Come fall, crisp and juicy Fuji apples are the most prized. A hybrid of the ‘Red Delicious’ and ‘Ralls Genet’ varieties, it makes up 55% of the nation’s apple crop. Fuji’s are superbly sweet and make a delicious homemade caramel apple. In fact, caramel with a dash of shoyu is another amazing combination! What will you make with your hand-picked apples?


Cooler Weather Campouts

Did summer slip away before you planned a camping trip? While Fall camping you may need more layers and warmer sleeping bags, but it is a beautiful time to head out into nature, breathe the fresh air and enjoy some classic Japanese camping food in the great outdoors. A little preparation and imagination can go far in making camp meals easy and exceptional.


Leaf Peeping

There’s a wonderful practice in Japan called forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku. As the leaves change color and nature prepares to rest, it is a time spent with intention in nature to take in the atmosphere, experience the forest or surroundings through all one’s senses. While it may be very American to try and turn this walk into a workout, resist the urge in favor of simply being present. Meander slowly. Follow your nose. Listen to the birds. Touch a tree. Feel the breeze. Relax and reconnect with nature. For a special, natural treat after, enjoy some Sweet Shoyu Granola.


The changing of the seasons is always something to celebrate, and Fall is easy to love!

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