August 31, 2023


Consider this your gentle reminder that summer, with its spontaneous excursions and relaxed rhythms, is fleeting. It is time to get outside and savor every minute.


Get out on the water!

Umi No Hi (Marine Day) is a Japanese holiday dedicated to thanking the ocean for its amazing bounty. On the third Sunday of July in Japan, people head to the beach and celebrate with ocean-related festivities centered on water as a precious resource, both powerfully beautiful and essential to survival.


As you might expect, seafood feasts are the favorite to be served on this day of gratitude. We’ve got some great ideas for you to take along with you as you express your own appreciation for the beauty and bounty provided by the body of water closest to your own home:


·      Poke Tacos, small, tasty tacos made with marinated sushi-grade raw fish, bring fresh-from-the-sea flavor in a recipe that’s easy to scale up or down depending on the size of the crowd. The magic that makes these tacos particularly memorable is in the Shoyu-rich marinade.


·      Don’t want to take too much time away from the water? Treat your guests to the joy of egg salad sandwiches or spicy Asian ham sandwiches accompanied by a caprese pasta salad. These are delicious, convenient (and fun) options that are super easy for the beach or the boat.


·      Poke and sandwiches pair well with sake, Riesling or a crisp Pilsner. For something non-alcoholic, try sweet tea or lemonade.

·      If you’re looking to grill something spectacular, try this Salmon Foil Pack. Just a little prep before you go makes this fresh, umami-loaded meal simple to transport. Just pop on the grill whenever it’s time to eat.



Did you know there’s a National Relaxation Day here in the U.S.? Mark your calendar for August 15th! It’s a day to focus on taking care of yourself, by slowing down and setting aside the daily chaos to spend time doing the things we love. So…


·      Read that book that’s been gathering dust on your bedside table.


·      Treat yourself! Bonus points if you enjoy a slice of this delectable Chocolate Cake while you read. There’s a splash of Yamasa Shoyu in the frosting, which enhances all the wonderful flavors and makes the whole experience extraordinary.


·      Invite friends over for dinner, one that’s simple to prepare because the host should absolutely enjoy this day as much as guests. Miso Marinated Black Cod is a surprisingly easy dazzler. A rich marinade with both miso paste and Yamasa White Miso Soup Concentrate imparts a sweet and delicious contrast to the buttery fish.


Taste Joy!

Summer is about creating and savoring moments with friends and family. Great food plays a huge role in making those moments memorable. So keep umami-rich sauces like Shoyu and Teriyaki on hand for easy, spectacular meals you’ll remember long after the light of summer fades.



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