The sweet tang of teriyaki is a crowd-pleaser.

July 19, 2022
The sweet tang of teriyaki is a crowd-pleaser.


Teriyaki is a cooking method that involves coating food with a sauce of shoyu, sake, mirin, and sugar, then grilling it. This mouthwatering sauce creates a beautiful, amber-colored glaze on the finished dish. “Teri” means shine in Japanese, while “Yaki” means grill. Teriyaki is authentically Japanese but you may be more familiar with the American version sauce.


The teriyaki preparation is a perfect match not only for chicken and beef but also fish. “Buri no Teriyaki” (Yellowtail Teriyaki) can be found on many restaurant menus and is a popular meal to cook at home. Bonito, salmon, mackerel, and eel are also delicious options to grill this way. Simple and fresh, with a focus on excellent ingredients, teriyaki is a true example of classic Japanese cooking.


American teriyaki is a mix of many influences. Backyard grilling burst onto the scene as a new way to entertain in the 1950s and 60s,increasing the popularity of barbecue sauces. With air travel more accessible to Americans, Hawaii honeymooners tasted a version of teriyaki created by the state’s new Japanese immigrants. Using local sugar in place of mirin and fresh pineapple juice mixed with shoyu, it provided both a familiar taste of home and something entirely new. Visitors – and World War II veterans who’d served in Asia and the Pacific Islands – fell in love with teriyaki and brought it back to the US mainland.


Developed as more of a barbecue sauce, this new version of teriyaki was thicker and also featured the addition of ginger and garlic, which added warmth and flavor without heat, a flavor profile that appealed to many. It’s a classic example of Japanese American cuisine, where big flavor meets the traditional reverence for great ingredients. When teriyaki is on the menu, people of all ages know they are in for a treat.


Yamasa Teriyaki is a more traditional expression of teriyaki and is less viscous. It is the perfect mix of sweet and tangy, with a delicate blend of spices that intensify in flavor when warmed. It’s an excellent go-toas a marinade for meat, fish or vegetables and is a delicious addition to your favorite stir fry, or to bump up the tastiness of burgers, wings, and more.


Our teriyaki is crafted in the Japanese tradition so it’s perfect for creating that gorgeous, Instagrammable glaze. You can never go wrong adding a dish of warm teriyaki sauce to the table for those who like their food with a touch of something extra or for those who like to dip. There’s really no wrong way to use this versatile sauce – it’s your secret ingredient for familiar favorites made better.


For a memorable meal that makes you feel like you’re on vacation, grill up a batch of Hawaiian Teriyaki Burgers. Blend shoyu and sriracha into the patty, finish with a teriyaki baste, and top with a grilled pineapple ring, and you’ll be guaranteed to level up your burger game.

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