YAMASA Soy Sauce Tips Vol.4. What is Tamari Soy Sauce??

12.04.2017 | Category, YAMASA Soy Sauce Tips

In Japan, Tamari is one of the five soy sauce types that exist in the market. Mostly brewed in the Chubu region, Tamari is very distinct and different when compared to the other types of soy sauce. The main difference between regular soy sauce and Tamari is that it uses little to no wheat. Many may think Tamari means “Gluten Free” but technically it means that it uses less wheat than soybeans to make the soy sauce. Yamasa’s Tamari uses NO wheat and is absolutely 100% Gluten Free so for those who have worry about consuming Gluten, Yamasa is a great option.

Gluten Free Tamari only consists of salt, water, and soybeans. Proteins from soybeans change into Umami during the brewing process. Compared to regular soy sauce, not only does the flavor get richer, but the texture also becomes thicker while maintaining the smooth and soft harmonious balance that all Yamasa soy sauce consists.

If you would like to expand your soy sauce knowledge, Tamari is definitely a great item to start with. Not only is it Gluten Free but the taste of Tamari is known to be less salty than the regular. Tamari Soy Sauce is a sauce that can help further enhance the aroma and uniqueness of a dish. It is definitely a type of soy sauce that is unique in taste that will keep you coming back for more.

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