YAMASA Soy Sauce Tips Vol.3. What are the effects of soy sauce?

11.28.2017 | Category, YAMASA Soy Sauce Tips

Soy sauce has numerous affects:

Soy sauce has numerous affects:

Masking effect

Putting soy sauce on “Sashimi”, raw fish, is not only for the taste but also used to reduce the odor of the fish.

Heating effect

Applying heat to soy sauce creates the aromatic substances. Aminocarbonyl reaction, Maillard Reaction, on heating soy sauce with sugar content helps produce beautiful browning.

Contrast effect

Soy sauce can also be used as a contrast effect. If a sweet dish needs to become sweeter, adding soy sauce will create a contrast effect which increases the sweetness of the dish. For example, adding salt to watermelon or salt to sweet bean desserts intensifies the sweetness.

Synergistic effect

Soy sauce has lot of glutamic acid, mixing with the Inosinic acid, such as bonito extract or meat, boosts up the umami. This synergy creates a strong harmonization of the both flavors.

Harmonize effect

The organic acids contained in soy sauce has the ability to mild the salty flavors of a component. Adding soy sauce is able to create a balance and bring out other components of the dish.

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