Fresh Salmon roe sushi with Yamasa soy sauce

01.31.2018 | Category, Where is Mr. Yamasa Dispenser?

Our colleague caught wild steelhead and got fresh salmon roe.

We seasoned with our soy sauce and made sushi. Flavorful YAMASA Soy Sauce can be masking fishy smell. This is a reason why traditional Japanese sushi chef prefer YAMASA.

Here is recipe of seasoning liquid.
Soy sauce 2Tbsp, Sake 1Tbsp, and Mirin(Sweet Sake) 1tsp for 1/2lb fresh salmon roe.

"Hi guys! I'm Mr. Yamasa Dispenser! I am a key charm of my bigger brother and I am currently on a food adventure!

I'm in Yamasa headquarters today. We are brewing and distributing Organic, Gluten Free, and other soy sauce from here.
Follow me through my journey on Facebook and Web-site at "Yamasa Corporation USA"


We produce the very best soy sauce in our state-of-the-art plant, but brewing processes remain the same as in 1645.
YAMASA soy sauce has been preferred among the majority of high-end Japanese restaurants, sushi, and kabayaki-eel restaurants.