Through four centuries, YAMASA Corporation has continuously manufactured the finest quality soy sauce available to meet the tastes of our customers both then and now. As we approach our fourth century, we pledge to maintain this tradition of product excellence and value.

YAMASA Corporation began exports of soy sauce to the U.S. in 1886. Demand for the product has steadily grown, and in June 1992, YAMASA incorporated the USA subsidiary in Salem, Oregon, marking a memorable page in YAMASA’s history and establishing a U.S. production and distribution facility.

We have three sales offices in L.A., N.Y. and Atlanta and we synergize with San-J International, Inc.

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YAMASA aims to make valuable contributions to society.
For a company to survive and prosper, it has to be acknowledged as being worth existing within society. In other words, it has to have the unique ability to differentiate itself from other companies, and to provide society with valuable convenience and benefits by optimizing this ability while simultaneously conducting sound and fair business operations.

Brand Logo Mark (Traditional Heritage)

YAMASA Brand Logo Mark

The Japanese character 「上 」 means our soy sauce was appointed as the best grade soy sauce possible by the Tokugawa Shogunate for quality in 1864.

Corporate Timeline

  • YAMASA Founded

  • Soy sauce laboratory (the first soy sauce laboratory in Japan)

  • YAMASA Corporation incorporated

  • Seattle office (YAMASA Corporation)

  • YAMASA Corporation U.S.A. incorporated

  • Los Angeles office

  • U.S. factory in Salem, Oregon

  • Factory facility expanded

  • New York office

  • San-J International, Inc. (in a group)

  • Factory facility expanded

YAMASA Network


USA Head Office / R&D Factory

3500 Fairview Industrial Drive SE
Salem, Oregon 97302 USA
Phone: 503-363-8550
Fax: 503-363-8710

Los Angeles Office

3858 Carson Street. Suite 201
Torrance, California 90503 USA
Phone: 310-944-3883
Fax: 310-944-3935

New York Office

2460 Lemoine Ave. Suite 504
Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024 USA
Phone: 201-363-9800
Fax: 201-363-9898

Dallas Office

5851 Legacy Circle, Suite 600,
Plano, TX 75024 USA
Phone: 469-626-5377
Head Office and Factory Choshi Chiba
Head Office and Factory Choshi Chiba

In 1645, YAMASA has started brewing soy sauce in Choshi, Chiba. Since then, the YAMASA factory in Choshi has established the first and second factories in the surrounding 23 hectare area, where soy sauce and soy sauce related seasonings are produced and shipped out.

Narita Factory Narita, Chiba, Japan

Narita Factory






Brewing Facility

YAMASA Factory

Salem, Oregon

The 83,000 square foot plant situated on a 20 acre site.

Why Salem, Oregon?

Oregon’s moderate climate, humidity, and water quality are instrumental in the brewing of soy sauce by environmentally assisting the required fermentation process that produces a mellow, distinct taste. The product is made during a six-month fermentation process that utilizes the finest soybeans, wheat, and salt.

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There are many wineries around our factory and four distinctive seasons that create the perfect,
natural environment for the fermentation process that produces our YAMASA Soy Sauce.

There is wonderful, secluded stream water found around our facilities.

Some of our office structures are crafted from
lumber harvested from the nearby woods.

We use the latest in modern workshop equipment.

We believe that keeping our relationship with the local community is very important.