Recipe of the Month: Feb, 2017 – Tofu & Avocado with Soy Tomato dressing

02.14.2017 | Category, Recipe of the Month

Add a little twist to your tofu dish with this sweet and sour recipe. The sourness of the balsamic vinegar and the sweet flavor of the “LESS SALT SOY SAUCE” harmonize to create a flavorful tofu di...
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Quick lunch; VONS Supermarket

02.10.2017 | Category, Where is Mr. Yamasa Dispenser?

Still bad weather in South bay, Los Angeles, California. Make it quick lunch by VONS supermarket. Buffalo Chicken Wrap with Crumbled Blue Cheese Hot Clam Chowder Hi guys! I'm Mr. ...
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We produce the very best soy sauce in our state-of-the-art plant, but brewing processes remain the same as in 1645.
YAMASA soy sauce has been preferred among the majority of high-end Japanese restaurants, sushi, and kabayaki-eel restaurants.